• Using light transmittance up to 95% of the PC cover, good illumination uniformity, non-irritating to the eyes, the color is more evenly Naturally more real. The color is good, the physical presentation of more vivid colors, a variety of light colors optional, to meet the different needs of the environment.

  • The use of advanced production equipment and leading the industry in packaging technology and techniques imported from Taiwan core Epistar chip, Kellett, chip packaging, the company's low-power chip, high power LED with high brightness, uniform illumination, light attenuation, long life, low power consumption, good heat dissipation, high luminous efficiency, static strength , reliability and security is strong.

  • High-quality high-strength aerospace aluminum heat sink to provide high-intensity lamp body protection, no rust, durable, and To achieve good cooling effect, provide cooling for the lamp life guarantee.

  • Uniform brightness lower power consumption, you save sixty percent of electricity.

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